Pinterest Growth Hacks

August 12, 2016 Christina Lee

Grow your Pinterest Account Organically

Want to grow your Pinterest followers and engagement? Maybe you’re new to the platform entirely, or maybe you have already set up a profile and are looking to grow your followers and engagement, like re-pins, likes or comments. Either way, these growth principles apply!

Scrolling through Pinterest
Increase your Engagement and Influence on Pinterest

Today, we’ll run through some simple tips that can apply to your Pinterest pins and account to increase your influence on this important, yet often underserved, social media platform. Pinterest is especially important for companies in the retail sector that sell products online. A robust Pinterest presence is also important if you are a B2C brand across a host of sectors – including travel, design, and consulting. In fact, travel is especially important, as it’s one of the most popular categories on Pinterest. 

Let’s review some of the top tips that can apply to beginners or those of you with an already established Pinterest presence that are looking to expand influence, grow brand exposure and ultimately, increase sales.

The basics

  • Post at least 5 times a day, but not at the same time. Leave at least an hour between your posts, as you don’t want to overwhelm your followers’ news feeds.
  • Post at optimal times to increase viewership and the potential for engagement. The best times to post to increase your exposure and chance of likes, re-pins or follows are between 2-4 pm EST and 8 pm – 1 am EST. If you’re planning on posting later in the day, you don’t have to lose sleep over it! There are a host of great post schedulers out there, so you can pre-schedule your post. I like to do this in bulk so I don’t have to waste time posting manually to Pinterest daily. My preference is Ahalogy for pre-scheduling posts and garnering important data about my posts, such as the best keywords to include. 
  • Post content according to the top subjects trending daily. Buffer, another great scheduling tool that allows you to share, schedule and manage your Pinterest pins, outlines the optimal days to post about certain topics, with their findings suggesting that Mondays are the optimal days to post about fitness and Wednesdays are the optimal days to post inspirational quotes. 
  • Follow more people and boards correlated to the topics of the images and/or infographics you are pinning. Following more people increases your chances of building your followers. When you follow their profile or boards, you will show up in their newsfeed. Even if you are not followed back, you will increase your brand’s exposure. If you want to unfollow those that haven’t followed you back, you can use the application Followers Lite. With this app, you can follow or unfollow up to 200 users/hour. Instead of using this daily, I suggest allocating a set amount of time to this on the weekend or when you have a break in your posting schedule. 

The images

  • Pin images with predominately light colors. These are 20% more likely to be re-pinned. More re-pins = more engagement and means not only that your audience is engaging with you, but that your brand is being exposed to their followers.
  • Use photos with a good proportion of white space. Too much text or too many complex graphics in an image will get lost in your followers’ news feed, making them less likely to re-pin or like your pin.

The analytics

  • Dig into Pinterest analytics. The great thing about Pinterest is that it enables you to review your statistics within the application. Move your most popular boards to the top of your news feed by simply dragging the boards. 
  • Within your analytics, you will be able to view your most popular pins. Make sure your pins are optimized for success, by including your brand’s URL in the pin, as well as proprietary hashtags and hashtags pertaining to the category of the image you are pinning.