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Christina Lee Schmohl


As CEO and Founder of Christina Lee Consulting, my goal is to leave each and every client happier and more successful than the day 'they knocked on my door.'

Through niche digital marketing tactics, low-budget spend and direct online and offline engagement, we know how to build a brand from the bottom-up: from your media assets, to your community development, to your optimized content, to your press placement, to your website optimization and social presence to increase traction and product sales.

We leverage technology to understand your customers, potential customers, competitors, and the market landscape, to ultimately grow your business.

Our goal is to create the right noise around your brand: to garner influence amongst your most fitting customer segments, build a story around your customer benefits, increase your sales, and most importantly, grow your impact: to build a brand that no one will forget.

Client Testimonials

"I have spent considerable time with Christina in a professional capacity and have come to highly respect her marketing skills. Christina has charmed the audience as the Master of Ceremonies for one of our premier annual conferences and has assisted us in our marketing efforts on a number of projects.

There is a virtue that sets apart the good marketers from the great marketers - this virtue is empathy. If you are looking for marketing breakthroughs that leverage data and technology with the empathetic insights on customer behavior that the data is reflecting, look to Christina."

-Les Santiago, Market Research Director, IDC


The Premier Global Market Intelligence Firm

"Marketing and brand awareness is essential to a business. Traditional methods of “getting the word out” on a product or service are not enough. You need a company with modern skill-sets that can leverage social media and new marketing channels. Christina has those skill-sets necessary to raise consumer awareness, create a buzz around the product and manage multi-channel distribution to your potential customer and audience. Each time we seek Christina’s services, we watch the interest in our product grow exponentially."

-Doug Schmohl, CEO at FlightPartner.com


Private Air Travel Commerce Platform

"Christina was such a pleasure to work with and went above and beyond my expectations. She clearly understood my audience and my message and spoke directly and with sincerity to the people I am trying to reach. My only regret, is not asking for her assistance sooner on other projects!"
-Pamela Ellgen, Author of The Gluten-Free Cookbook for Families, Food blogger at PamelasModernFamilyTable.com

"Dedicated, responsive, creative, intelligent are just a few of the many positive traits I can use to describe Christina and her work ethic. She has added a tremendous value to our company by exposing our app to her community. The Unveil team couldn't be happier with her service and would highly recommend her to anyone."

-Jonathan Truong, Co-Founder, Unveil App


A 'Conscious' Dating App

"I worked with Christina on a long-term project in which she was responsible for setting up the branding and communications direction for a B2B startup, and found myself continually impressed with her ability to deliver. Christina combines an impressive grasp of modern, data-driven techniques with natural savvy and good sense, and helps energize any team she's on. I hope to have the chance to work with her again, and recommend her without reservation to anyone serious about building a brand."

-Chris Lonardo, Serial Entrepreneur & Investor 

Chris Lonardo

Serial Entrepreneur + Investor

"It is a honor to have someone like Christina Schmohl help CBD Oils of Long Island spread the word about the benefits of CBD Oils derived from hemp.  

Christina is by far one of the most dedicated, creative individuals I have ever met. Christina is light years ahead of any other with her social media skills and wealth of tech-savvy knowledge. Having Christina as part of my team is having peace of mind.

I would recommend her to anyone in the business world who needs a expert to expand their product line. It has been a pleasure doing business with Christina and I look forward to a very long relationship with her."

-Craig Zaffe, CEO of CBD Oils of Long Island

CBD Oils of Long Island

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"Christina Lee Consulting increased our brand engagement by over 300%." 

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